About The Author


E. Elis AisahE. Elis Aisah, was born in Cianjur  (West Java, Indonesia) at July, 12th 1979. She finished her undergraduate degree in one of Islamic University in Bandung (West Java, Indonesia). Now, She is finishing  her magister program in English Department in a university in Indonesia (UPI Bandung). She is an English teacher in Islamic Junior High School (MTs) in Cianjur (West Java, Indonesia). she is also a headmaster of Islamic Kindergarteen in Cipanas (West Java). Moreover, She is most interested in Philosophy, particularly in Language and Education.

The author can be contacted through e_mail at e_elisaisyah@yahoo.com


8 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. asep zainudin

    bu gmana kabarnya ? mudah mudahan baik ….
    bu . . . .
    ko gg ada foto2 punya ibu. . . .
    bu klow boleh minta alamat fb’x dong ?
    bu gmana murid2 ibu pada baik baik kan ?
    mudah mudahan ada peningkatan ya bu.. gg pda nakal nakal…

  2. Pahriadi

    Assalamualaikum. Greeting from Kalimantan.
    My name is Pahriadi. I’d like to be your friend and practice my English with you.
    I am about to attend TEFLIN Conference where you are presenting your paper there.
    See you there at the venue.



    1. englisah

      Assalamu alaikum
      Thank you very much for you appreciation. With my pleasure we can be a friend and share our experinces in learning and teaching English. Can wait to meet you in TEFLIN.

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