A Table of Content

Welcome to

e_elisaisyah’s journal

This website provides you with Elis’  writing about philosophy, language, religion and education. It also provides you with Zainurrahmans’ thought, and thought of some of  her colleagues. It is expected that this journal will provide you many benefits you need.

Here is the table of contents:

  1. E. Elis Aisah : The First Wisdom
  2. E. Elis Aisah: The Next Wisdom
  3. Zainurrahman: The Original of Ideolinguistics
  4. E. Elis Aisah: Development of English Language Teaching Syllabus in Indonesia
  5. E. Elis Aisyah: Guru, Sang Provokator Sejati
  6. Steven. D Schaferman: An Introduction to Critical Thinking
  7. E. Elis Aisah: Understanding Human Behavior Through Qualitative Research Design
  8. E. Elis Aisah: Mendidik, Mencintai dengan Berdialog
  9. E. Elis Aisah: Prinsip dan Aplikasi Dasar Ideolinguistik
  10. E. Elis Aisah: Reading Ex-mas Feast: to blaze, to provoke and render the world
  11. E. Elis Aisah: Membumikan Komunikasi Surgawi di Ruang Kelas

One thought on “A Table of Content

  1. Lenard I. Mayweather

    Hi, How are you? I to am interested in Dr. Schafersman and I would like to know whether the paper was oublished and if so which book, newsletter, or what was it published in? Please contact at the above E-mail ASAP. Thanks

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